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Our Toddlers


08/07/2017 - 08/17/2021

Hazel was a sweet, kind, cautious soul with a beautiful presence. She lit up a room where ever she went with her bright smile. She was an absolute joy. She loved playing outside, hiking, and visiting with family and friends and on August 17, 2021 our lives were forever shattered. Ten days after her fourth birthday I woke up to start our day and found Hazel in her bedroom unresponsive. She had a freak accident with her loft bed. The same bed she had been sleeping in for a year. I have not fully told our story yet, so this is quite hard to write out, but I felt like I needed to be with her, thats all I wanted. I couldn't even think of the fact that I had to be on this earth without my beautiful daughter.

Hazel made me a mom. I did and still do everything for her. Life is unbearable most days since losing Hazel, but I feel her pushing me into the right direction.

After Hazel transitioned, she started sending me bunny signs and just like that, Shannon came into my life when I needed it most. Shannon was my ticket to staying here for my family when I felt lost, she had no idea of the bunny signs that Hazel was leaving me and the day Shannon reached out to me about sending a bunny, I knew in my heart that it was meant to be. Adalyn and Hazel were together that day and I am so grateful for Shannon and her legacy of keeping Adalyn's memory alive and helping us toddler moms to keep going.

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