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About The Foundation


The Acts For Adalyn Foundation was founded to provide support for mothers that lose their toddler (12-48 months) suddenly and without warning. As toddler loss mamas ourselves, we have a unique ability to offer support in ways that have never been available before. The Acts For Adalyn Foundation helps a loss mama find a connection to a world that suddenly seems so foreign to them; it’s now a world that doesn’t make sense anymore. 


Our mission is to provide comfort to the grieving mama by providing them with a keepsake bunny. The bunny is a tangible gift, from Adalyn, that the mother can wrap in her arms and hold close to her heart when her grief is overwhelming. The bunny has a zipper in the back giving the mother the opportunity to place something special of their toddler’s inside. This allows the bereaved mother to hold and carry with her a piece of her toddler. The tag on the bunny says, “Whenever you miss me the most, wrap me in your arms and hold me close”.

The Acts For Adalyn Foundation began with 3 loss mamas and 3 different loss journeys. It is our hope that, through our own experiences with grief, we are able to connect with other toddler loss mamas as they face the harsh reality of life after the unimaginable loss of their toddler. Our personal experiences with loss gives us the ability to use the words “I understand” and truly mean them. It is a special bond that cannot be explained it words, it can only be felt by someone that has also had to experience child loss. 

Adalyn was a bright light in this world. She brought joy to the lives of everyone that knew her and to many others that she would only ever cross paths with. Her smile was infectious, and her giggle the sweetest sound there was. In her short 17 months with us, she made a big impact on the hearts of those of us blessed enough to know and love her. Adalyn's life has inspired a new way for toddler loss mamas to journey through grief with other mothers that are experiencing the same kind of loss. Adalyn’s life has connected mothers from around the world, who can truly use the words, “I understand”. She has inspired a legacy of kindness and of hope. Adalyn is a little girl with a big legacy. She left behind her Mama who is unwavering in her desire to share Adalyn’s light and love with the world.  

"One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you're going through now, and it will become part of someone else's survival guide."

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