About The Foundation


Acts For Adalyn Foundation was founded to help support toddler loss mothers. We have the ability to help the grieving toddler loss mother in ways that have never been available before. Acts For Adalyn will help the grieving mothers feel connected to a world that they suddenly find themselves questioning because nothing about what has happened to them makes sense.


Our goal is to not only provide comfort through our signature bunny but also to help them see that they are not alone. Help them to come to understand that they can and they will survive this, that they will come to know a new reality. Sadly, this new reality is filled with more pain and heartache than can ever be described in words but we want the new loss mother to also see that there is still joy and beauty in the world around them.

Acts For Adalyn is made up of 3 loss mothers with 3 different loss journeys. It is our hope that we can use our experience to help the newly bereaved mother to feel more connected to a world that she currently feels very disconnected from. That we can help to provide guidance and comfort in their darkest time.


Initially, the Foundation will provide the loss mother with a bunny. This bunny is a soft urn. The bunny has a zipper that runs down the back where an urn can be placed or a special sentiment of the toddler's. The bunnies are cuddly and so soft. The purpose of the bunny is to help provide the mother with a small way of feeling like she holding her child again. It's something for them to hold onto when their arms ache to hold their missing toddler.

Adalyn brightened the lives of everyone that knew her and many others that she only ever crossed paths with in her short 17 months. Though her life was short she made a big impact on the hearts of those of us blessed enough to know her. Adalyn's life would create help for other toddler loss mothers that would have to face the worst day of any mother's life. Adalyn left behind a Mama with a passion to make a difference and to become her living legacy.

"One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you're going through now, and it will become part of someone else's survival guide."