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Adalyn Nicole Zisa

Adalyn Nicole Zisa was born on New Year’s Day 2018. She came into the world quickly and she lived her life the same way. She was curious about the world around her. From the very beginning she was ready to explore. Adalyn was sweet, smart, loving, happy, funny, and so kind. She was beautiful from the inside out. 


She was her mama’s girly girl. Adalyn didn’t leave the house without her purse, her shoes, her bow, her hat, and her sunglasses (fishies). She was known for all her pink and all her bows. She had quite the collection of hair bows and a tutu for every occasion. Every morning, after getting her dressed, she would run down the hall to her daddy’s office and bang on the door for him to open it and tell her how “beautiful” she looked. Then it was time to sit with her daddy for a spin in his office chair and a chance to grab all the squishy balls on his desk.


Adalyn absolutely loved to be outside. It was an adventure to collect sticks, water the plants, and sniff the flowers. She loved walks around the neighborhood, riding in her push tricycle while waving at the neighbors and ringing the tricycle bell. She would just continue to wave at everyone she saw until they waved back at her. She was so proud when they waved back. She would squeal with delight when her mama pushed her in her swing. It was one of her favorite places to be.


Adalyn was a social little girl. Making friends came easily for her. She simply loved everyone, and everyone loved her. She had a contagious smile and an infectious giggle.  Those that knew her were blessed.  Adalyn touched the lives of everyone around her, so many that she would only ever cross paths with. She was a bright light in this world, a light that continues to shine just as bright from Heaven. In her short 17 months on this Earth, she would inspire a legacy of kindness and hope. 


Adalyn Nicole Zisa is loved and missed by so many.


“My sweet Adalyn,

There isn’t a moment that passes that I don’t think about you and wonder who you would be today. I carry you in my heart until the day comes when I am reunited with you at Heaven’s Gate. I may have given  you life but you, my sweet daughter, gave me a reason to live. Now, I live for us both and it is the hardest job that I have ever had. Everything I do now, I do to honor you. I love you always and forever.


Love, Mama”

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