Adalyn Nicole Zisa



Adalyn was born on New Year’s Day 2018. She came into the world quickly and she lived her life the same way. She was curious about the world around her and from the very beginning she was ready to explore. Adalyn was sweet, smart, loving, happy, and kind. She was beautiful inside and out. She loved Mommy & Me where we would sing, play, and she would interact with other toddlers. Adalyn loved the zoo and the splash pad the zoo has there. She was so curious about how the water would shoot out of the ground and she would squeal with delight each time it happened. She loved the Science Center. She would play, climb, splash, and learn about the would around her. She was eager to learn and the world around her seemed to enthrall her.


Adalyn was also a Disney girl. She absolutely loved the Buzz Lightyear ride where she would happily take the joystick and spin us around and around, each spin filled with laughter and delight. She was memzerized by It's A Small World. As the boat would move slowly through each country she would point with excitement about all that she was seeing. Perhaps her favorite ride was the Monorail. She would sit in her stroller and hold onto the pole as soon as it began to move. It was as though she knew

the rules for safety and she would smile at me while wearing her sunglasses (her fishys). Adalyn absolutely loved to be outside. It was an adventure to collect sticks, water plants, or sniff the flowers. She loved walks around the neighborhood, riding in her push tricycle while waving at the neighbors and ringing the tricycle bell.


Those that knew her were blessed by her life and she touched the lives of so many others that she would only ever cross paths with. Adalyn brightened everyone’s day with her infectious giggle, her sweet smile, and her happy baby squeal. She was her Mama's girl and her Dada's world. Her life made an impact to so many that knew and loved her and to those that would only come to know of her through her story. She leaves behind a continuing legacy of kindness...


"Even in heaven my baby you'll be..."