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Our Toddlers


02/26/2016 - 01/01/2021

Caleb born 2/26/2016 and was always looking for ways to make others happy. He made being a mommy easy. He loved being Spider-Man and catching bugs. Caleb’s smile would light up every room he walked into. He loved cuddling and watching movies. Caleb was always so brave. He would be shaking but still complete anything he put his mind too. Caleb had a gray tooth in the front, to the left, where he jumped from the trampoline to the porch thinking he was spider man and hit it. He didn’t cry because of the blood, he cried because he didn’t land it.

Caleb was unlike any little boy I have ever known. He had and sweet and loving spirit. Whether he knew you or not, he would hug you with a huge smile on as face. He would always remind everyone, “Jesus is in my heart”. To say I miss Caleb is such an understatement. I am completely lost without him. He is my everything and I can’t wait for the day I get to hold him in my arms again...

Since receiving Calebs Bunny, KK, when I just feel like I need Caleb in my arms, that I need to hold him, I will grab our bunny and just cry. For that moment my arms aren’t empty. KK has brought a sense of comfort into our home. I remember where he came from and it reminds me that Caleb isn’t alone

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