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Our Toddlers


02/26/20 - 10/26/2021

This sweet little boy is Callum James. He was the most adventurous little boy. He absolutely loved being outside where he was free to roam and explore at his leisure, as long as he had a snack in his hand. I like to say he packed 20 years worth of living into his 20 months of life. In his short time, he drove our boats, trucks, side by sides and dirtbikes. Callum went tubing and paddle boarding, tent and RV camping and even got to pet and feed deer. His Grandma and Papa were by far his favorite people, but his Aunties, Uncles and cousins were very close seconds. He adored his dogs, and was obsessed with watering his spider plant in his room. Callum truly lived his little life to the fullest, and I couldn't be any more proud of the little person he was. He was kind, sharing and loving. He had a smile for everyone and made the lives of everyone who knew him brighter. I am forever grateful of having the privilege to be his mama.

When my son died, my life got completely flipped upside down. Acts For Adalyn found me and helped to flip it back upright. Shannon gifted me Callum Bunny, and that little bunny has helped not only me but Callum's whole family. Acts For Adalyn has created a safe space for toddler loss mamas to connect and share our stories and form bonds with other mamas who know our pain. Acts For Adalyn has given me light in a time of such darkness. Nothing can ever replace Callum, but Callum Bunny gives us something to hold on to when the waves of grief consume us. I honestly do not know how I would be coping today if it weren't for Shannon and all of the wonderful mamas I have met through her.

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