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Our Toddlers


01/19/2018 - 03/09/2021

Ellis was our sweet and sour child. He was a momma’s boy from the very beginning, happiest when I was wearing or holding him. As he grew, he loved to push his limits but also never failed to make me laugh. Still always my shadow and my cuddle bug. He would tell me every day that he “just loved me”. Every night at bedtime, he would ask first “what was your favorite part of your day?” He was best friends with his older brother Callan, they really had such a special relationship. He was a natural at any sport he tried, just like his dad. He loved to sing and especially, dance! His favorite color was orange. His favorite food was pizza and berries. He loved vehicles, space, bugs, tarantulas, water and the beach, Blippi, Paw Patrol, and the Floor Is Lava.

I am forever grateful for Shannon and Acts For Adalyn Foundation. Losing a child is something that no one should experience and having a community to turn to in the midst of an unbelievable tragedy is priceless. I sleep with my Ellis Bunny every night and knowing that it contains some of his things (a t-shirt, photo, and a lock of hair) helps me feel closer to him and gives me a bit of comfort. Shannon continues to amaze me the way she is simultaneously helping child loss mothers and carrying on her daughter Adalyn’s legacy with grace.

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