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Our Toddlers


02/17/2017 - 07/28/2019

This is Owen. He was a very smart, loving, big hearted little boy. He loved animals, being outside, and running around playing with his big brothers. His favorite movies were Moana and The Grinch. He would laugh so hard at these and he would always wait on me to sing along to them with him. He loved to dance. We would always break it down in the kitchen together. He was mommy’s little helper. He loved to help his mommy pick up around the house. 

July 28 2019, I lost my sweet boy due to a drowning accident. My life has never been the same. After this nightmare I felt so alone. I felt like nobody understood my pain until Shannon reached out to me. Acts For Adalyn Foundation sent Owen Bunny and I carry him everywhere with me now. This bunny brings me so much comfort. I’m grateful to Shannon for all toddler loss moms that she has brought together. Because of them, I don't feel so alone anymore and feel like I have a safe place to share my baby boy.

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