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Our Toddlers


09/02/2020 - 10/09/2021

Sonny Jude was the happiest, sweetest baby boy. He was known for his big, 6 tooth smile and how he loved waving to everyone passing by. He loved to snuggle, snack and explore. He loved being outside, and spent the whole summer playing in the splash pad and pool. He loved his family so much, but had an extra special relationship with his big sister, Lyla, who was his best friend. His first word was Lyla! He will forever be our little Son-shine.

Shannon personally reached out to me after Sonny had passed and informed me about the Acts For Adalyn Foundation. It was the first group I found comfort in, knowing I was not alone in this horrible journey of child loss, specifically toddler loss. Within a few days I received my Sonny Bunny. I filled my bunny with Sonny’s shirt, a small toy and a piece of his hair. My daughter and I sleep with it every night. Shannon is doing amazing things for other grieving mamas, and I’m so thankful for the Acts For Adalyn Foundation.

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