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Our Toddlers


05/10/2019 - 04/13/2021

Willow was and remains the light of our lives. When Willow was born she brought an amazing light into not only our world personally but into the world as a whole. Willow was born red haired and blue eyed, from the moment we saw her red hair we knew we would have our hands full. She was fiesty, sassy, full of life and had the funniest personality. We would often prefer to her as a sour patch kid. One moment she would be giving the most distinctive side eye and the next she would be hugging you randomly. Willow loved anyone she came in contact with and they loved her back. She had a passion for anything outdoors! The moon, stars, rocks, animals, playing at the park, going for walks, snow ; you name it, she loved it. Unfortunately our world was flipped upside down and shaken when we lost our precious Willow to SUDC (Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood). We now live our lives to honor our beautiful girl and cannot wait until the day we are able to have her back within our arms. I want to extend great thanks to Shannon, Adalyn’s mama, for reaching out to me in my early days of grief. Shannon brought in a piece of hope in our darkest days. The Acts For Adalyn Foundation is a gift to those of us that need to not feel so alone on our walk with grief. I am grateful to be a part of Adalyn’s legacy as well as having Adalyn and Shannon as part of Willow’s legacy.

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