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Facing The Unimaginable


June 2, 2019, was a day that started out just like any other day. We were a happy and healthy family of three returning home from our weekend away at the beach. After dinner we took Adalyn on bike ride. Adalyn loved to be outside, and she loved when we would bike ride. It was one of her absolute favorite things to do. She would babble and giggle as the wind blew her baby fine blonde hair. That evening, while we waited on the sidewalk to cross the street, a drugged driver jumped the curb and ran us over.


Sweet Adalyn passed away at the age of 17 months and one day. Her Daddy, Dane, suffered a catastrophic brain injury. He spent 221 days in the area's local Level One Trauma Center, 264 days in a brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation center, and now currently resides in a group home where he will most likely live for the rest of his days. Her Mama, Shannon, suffered a severely broken right leg in two places. She spent 31 days in the same trauma center as her husband. It took her almost a year to be able to walk unassisted. She suffers from debilitating PTSD and dissociative events as a result of regaining consciousness at the scene and watching as her family was destroyed. Unable to move, she could not get to either one of the people she loved most.

While Adalyn's Dada laid in the ICU, fighting for his life, her Mama was faced with making funeral

arrangements and the toughest job any parent will ever face, having to say goodbye to their baby. Her Mama dealt with picking out floral arrangements, scriptures for the service, attending Adalyn's service, speaking at her service, and greeting the hundreds of people that had come to show their respect. She had to do this all without having Adalyn's Dada to share the pain and grief of losing their toddler. In the most surreal experience of a lifetime, Adalyn's Mama was left facing the unimaginable.

01/01/18 - 06/02/19

"Grievers use a very simple calendar.


Before and After..."

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